Thursday, April 17, 2008

Skills Camp 08

One Word,


something's changing..
transforming into...


yes, that's right.. the theme of the skills camp was transformers.

transformers! more than meets the eye.
autobots!rollout(eat shit)
decepticons! terrorize!
Megatron! All Hail Megatron!

Megatron- Mr Jeremy Siow.
BJtron- Mr Colin Khoo.

-Patrol Bumblebee(Boom-Bleh-bee)
-Patrol Iron Hide(Hid-EEH)
-Patrol Ratchet(Rat Shit)
-Patrol Jazz(Honda Jazz)

-Patrol Blackout.(Hitam Keluar)
-Patrol Starscream.(Honey Stars)
-Patrol Frenzy.(Hack Data)
-Patrol Bonecrusher.(Crush Bone)
-Patrol Barricade.(sembelit)
-Patrol Devastator.(Devastate)

-Best Patrol Award, Patrol Blackout!
-Best Patrol Leader Award, Ooi Chin Tak( Bumblebee)
-Best APL award,Krystle Chan( Blackout)
-Best QMA award, Tan Zheng Hao( Barricade)
-Best QMM award, Sim Wee Han( Blackout)
-AllSpark Awards.
*Xiu Pei
*Julian Leong
*Lucas Tan
*Jian Wen
*Sophia Aliza

The dramatic Music playing, the spirit was burning. the whole crowd was alive and ready to set
out on their tasks to start of the camp. After receiving briefing from Megatron and Bjtron, we set off to start building our tents. All rushing for bamboos and getting equipment ready, later onice breaking and kerosene lamp sessions were held, finishing up with all that they continued to build their tents till ready. barely any of the decepticons had any sleep due to ferocious deadly blood sucking vampiristic..


everyone got up and prepared for morning inspection and morning excersize. after all that was accomplished, we soon continued on to our backwoods where some patrols exceled and others... added "secret spices" to their char siew tasting meal. we got ourselves ready for Transformers In Training Session( TITS). All the transformers had an excellent time unwinding themselves and really getting down and dirty in the mud crawl. after that it was time to get ready for dinner and MK. The emcee for the night was kelvin and kaili. what wonderful emcees they were. after laughs and cheering on, we had to end the mk and get back to our tents. later on we had to go and watch the COH step down, after that we resumed to clearing up our tents.
since it was wet and all so we had to sleep in the pavillion. it was getting chilly so we all moved into classrooms and dozed off.

Everyone got up for Morning excersize with amanda che che. After that we all got ready to eat our roti canai.Everyone got hyped up to play penguin football. in the end the seniors lost to our very own.. Patrol Bumblebee! after that, it was time to bid everyone farewell. so we had everything done etc etc.. then we all were dismissed.

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